Name [Dyn-Anime] Higashi no Eden: Gekijouban II Paradise Lost [BD 1080]
Torrent [Dyn-Anime] Higashi no Eden: Gekijouban II Paradise Lost [BD 1080]
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Tựa Đề: Higashi no Eden: Gekijouban II Paradise Lost
Tên Gốc: 東のエデン 劇場版II Paradise Lost
Dạng: Movie
Thời lượng: 93 phút
Năm: 13.03.2010
Nội Dung:
The story of political and subversive intrigue in the series finally
reaches endgame. Even as the law enforcement net tightens around Saki
and her fellow Eden of the East associates over alleged terrorist
activities, the complex web surrounding the mysterious Mr. Outside is
finally untangled as the remaining Selecao attempt to outmaneuver one
another. Takizawa’s memories and identity are also finally revealed
including his association with a former Prime Minister and his request
to be the King of Eden.
[Nối tiếp movie 1, Takizawa và Saki trở về Nhật Bản………]
*Nhân Lực*
Translator: AkiMasa , Dacv , Winryanime
Editor: AkiMasa
Encoder: AkiMasa
QC: DucDigital , Vịt

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